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Call us and we will listen to you, answer your questions, and direct you to helping resources.


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A guide to realizing if

your child is at-risk, displaying 

self-destructive behaviors, and

needs your help and intervention.



  Directory of Family Help in the United States and Canada

Click on your state to find helping organizations, schools and programs, support groups, hotlines and helplines, state information, local resources, and events.



Find the information, resources, and help you need on the pages of Focus Adolescent Services!  Focus has hundreds of pages dealing with adolescence and teen issues, such as anger and body image; behavior problems and mental health issues, such as ADD/ADHD, ODD, teen depression; parenting articles, such as Help Your Overweight Daughter, and where to find help and support.


  Schools, Programs, Services

Are you looking for boarding schools and residential programs, residential treatment, special schools,, residential programs for young adults over 18, wilderness programs and summer camps, transitional schools, summer camps, free and low-cost programs, or financial information?


  Store:  Books & Helpful Products

Did you know you can support Focus every time you shop online?  In association with, we offer the best parenting and self-help books available.  We also have links to helpful products and services that will give Focus a portion of your purchase amount without any added charge to you.


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The most comprehensive source of

Information, Resources, and Support

for teen and family issues on the Internet


The mission of Focus Adolescent Services is to provide information and resources to empower individuals to help their teens and heal their families.


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Take an honest look at your child's behavior and family situation.


Become informed of your child's issues.


Network the resources listed on the Family Help pages and throughout the Focus website to find referrals to mental health services and helping programs.


Follow through on professional advice and treatment plans.


Reach out for guidance and support.  Build a support system from family, friends, support groups, and your place of worship.


Focus Adolescent Services helps you find the information, resources, and support you need to take charge, be the leader in your family, and make positive changes.


Through education, self-awareness, support, and personal responsibility, families can rebuild their relationships and reconnect in positive and loving ways.



Focus Helpline


M-F 9 am-5 pm ET

Call us and we will listen to you,

answer your questions, and

direct you to helping resources.


The Focus Helpline is not intended as a general crisis hotline.  Local hotline phone numbers can be in found in the front of your local phone book and on the State Directory of Family Help pages.



Practical Help, Real Answers

for Adoptive & Foster Parents

The Adoptive & Foster Parent Guide: Help Your Child Heal From Trauma & Loss

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Schools and Programs

Recommended by Focus Adolescent Services



Therapeutic boarding school for girls, ages 13-18

Watch the video!



Read Creating Leaders at Academy at Sisters




Christian residential program

for young men, ages 16-20





Christian therapeutic boarding school

for teen boys and girls



Watch Shelterwood's GO Vision Trip to Haiti

The Global Orphan Project



Struggling Teens

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PARENTS get the tools to help solve real-life behavior problems in children and teens.   PROFESSIONALS get a tool to help reinforce individual and family therapy, counseling, coaching, and other interventions.   EDUCATORS and YOUTH WORKERS get the tools to reinforce pro-social behavior and learn better ways of managing disruptive behaviors encountered in the school or program setting.

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